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Institutional Partnerships

TEP is the leading provider for customized, hands-on, international volunteer work experience for university students and recent graduates in Belize. We look forward to partnering with your institution to help students compliment their academic program with skills training through structured faculty-led, internship, and volunteer programs.

It is our wish that our Institutional Partnership page will help you to learn more about TEP, the programs we offer, while outlining the many ways we can work with your institution. This clear and concise information highlights the various opportunities and valuable experiences TEP can offer your college or university.

TEP’s approach to institutional relationships is transparent and flexible. We recognize the uniqueness of each institution and aim to provide each with appropriate study abroad experiences that meets the learning goals of their students.

Outlined below are a number of ways to partner with TEP.

  1. Institutional Ownership: Your institution can engineer its own internship program in partnership with TEP as its Belize based program provider. We will work directly with you to customize the necessary components of our existing Intern in Belize program while your institution maintains ownership.
  2. Collaborative Programs: TEP will work with study abroad offices, academic departments, career services, individual faculty, or other departments to customize an internship program to the specific academic areas of focus for individuals or groups of students. Any number of students can create this program module. No minimum required.
  3. Program Extension: TEP’s internships may also be coupled with your institution’s existing customized faculty-led program to extend a practical work component from the classroom experience. Interested students would enrol in the Intern in Belize or Volunteer in Belize program and stay beyond the customized faculty-led program dates to pursue placements.
  4. Institutional Support: We understand the demands placed on faculty directors and the study abroad staff and recognize that sometimes it may be difficult to offer all the support needed. TEP can offer the extra support to nurture students interested in faculty-led programs by responding to questions, attending pre-departure orientation sessions, and addressing concerns from interested students and their families.
  5. Promotional Materials: TEP is willing to work with you to develop brochures and flyers for your Belize based program with TEP upon request. We will develop marketing collateral that will promote your program and help prepare students for their study abroad experience in Belize. Other platforms such as popular social media networks can be incorporated.

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Breaking News!


TEP is pleased to announce news of a launch date for its new website. We plan to have our new site launched on June 30th. Join us in celebrating this amazing milestone!

The Intern and Volunteer in Belize fall, 2017 application deadline is June 30th.  

Get your opportunity today to pursue a personalized internship or volunteer in Belize placement this fall.  Apply now!

Have questions about interning or volunteering in Belize? Contact us today to arrange a meeting with our program advisor.



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