How to Earn Academic Credit

TEP understands that obtaining academic credit can be an important part of any international experience. Since we are unable to offer academic credit directly, we will support the accreditation process to help you receive credit from your home institution.

How does it work?

There are several options for obtaining credit for an international internship with TEP. Since many financial aid options exist for those enrolled in a credit-bearing program, this could also be a great option to help fund a program. Listed below are options for you to consider. Although, you are ultimately responsible for making the necessary arrangements before leaving home, TEP staff will assist the process by providing documentation of your experience to your home institution.

To earn direct academic credit from your home institution you must be a registered student of that institution. Many institutions will grant academic credit for experiential learning programs. Considering the broad range of policies in higher education, you may be able to obtain academic credits for the internship placement through an independent study, or Capstone Project study courses. These types of courses are available in many universities. Most require a professor or a tutor at your school to support your program.

Academic or Coop Internship with required credit hours provides another way for students whose home institutions offer academic credits for such programs. Students should register before travelling overseas to make sure the placement counts towards these credits. With the Intern in Belize program, TEP can provide the appropriate placement that meets the requirements of your home institution and provide completed assessment and supervision documentation to your advisor.

Transfer Credit: For all options, we strongly encourage students to first consult with their home institution to review eligibility requirements for academic credits. We will work with you to help members of faculty and study abroad advisors understand how a TEP program can be applicable to your studies and determine the proper amount of academic credit to be awarded.

The following steps are important to consider before you seek academic credit:
  1. Research your TEP program options.
  2. Review learning objectives with a TEP Program Advisor.
  3. Consult your academic advisor.
  4. Outline your “curriculum” for your volunteer experience.
  5. Identify your learning objectives and methods.
  6. Determine evaluation methods.
  7. Submit a final report (e.g final paper, journal, video, presentation or oral report).
  8. Visit your registrar or academic department to confirm the number of credits.
Contact us at for more information on the various options mentioned.


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