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Toucan Education Programs (TEP) offers a broad range of quality, dynamic education abroad program models and services to university groups and individual students wishing to study in Belize. We offer faculty-led program development, management and consulting services to institutions looking for progressive ways to internationalize their campuses. TEP also provides support services to faculty leading established programs to Belize. Whether it is a new program or existing one; TEP will help you build a meaningful and life changing experience through our Study in Belize development, management and consulting services.

TEP’s Volunteer in Belize flagship program is designed for individual and groups of students looking for a well structured, academically rigorous and affordable international Internship or Volunteer program. Our programs are a perfect fit for students, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. We’ve weave experiential and academic learning together through structured internships and volunteer placements and cultural learning activities to create an ideal learning environment. This approach ensures that students gain deeper contextual relevance before, during and after their study abroad experience. Our Intern and Volunteer in Belize programs are designed for individual students looking for a fully comprehensive, affordable program that challenges them both academically and personally. Specifically, we offer:
  • a staff with diverse backgrounds including academia and tourism. We focus on designing education abroad programs mapped to fit topics best studied in Belize
  • a management team with training in the best practices and standards expected of North American study abroad program providers.
  • programs that Offer exceptional value while remaining affordable to ensure diverse and inclusive study abroad programs


Breaking News!


GoAbroad.com awards Toucan Education Programs Customized Study in Belize Program as its # 1 pick for Top Study Abroad Programs in 2016. Customizing Faculty-led, Internships, and Volunteer in Belize programs is our passion. Read what our participants are saying about us. “The level of professionalism and commitment we received from TEP was first-class. I left Belize feeling blessed to have had this experience. It is definitely not if I will return to Belize, it is now of when I will return. Thank you TEP for making this summer one I will never forget!” - Ashani

The Toucan team take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our programs in 2016. Thank you for taking the time to give us valuable feedback through TEP’s online evaluation on GoAbroad.com. Your time and effort to share your stories paid off and gave us this sweet victory. We are indeed very grateful!

Get your opportunity today to Serve, Learn, and Explore, a customized internship, volunteer, or faculty-led experience in Belize. Contact us now to learn more at intern@studyinbelize.com.

The Intern and Volunteer in Belize summer and fall, 2017 application deadlines:

Summer 2017 Application Deadline: April 25, 2017
Fall 2017 Application Deadline: June 30, 2017

Just click on the apply link to start your application today.

Have questions? Contact us at intern@studyinbelize.com to arrange a meeting with our program advisor.

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