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Why Study Abroad with TEP?

TEP is an internationally recognized, mission driven Belizean education abroad organization dedicated to positively impacting the growth and development of Belize. 

We accomplish our mission through high quality short-term faculty-led, internships, volunteering, and other study abroad programming designed to promote safety, personal and professional development, while fostering community reciprocity and environmental stewardship. 

Our programs are well-suited for undergrad and graduate students, faculty, administrators, colleges, universities, and professionals seeking innovative solutions to expand overseas engagement.

Innovative Programming

We are passionate about what we do and seek innovative ways to provide you with short-term programming in a variety of academic disciplines that are unique and customized exclusively to meet your needs. 
TEP offers a blend of experiential oriented study abroad programming designed for faculty and administrators interested in increasing their number of short-term program offerings for their students.

Proven Track Record

TEP have customized and managed over 60 short-term programs with more than 600 faculty and students from North American institutions. 
All programs are designed to deliver life-changing experiences that embodies pedagogy, integrity, reciprocity, and high level of individual and group care
We look forward to working with you.

Our Guarantee

We live by our statement of ethics to provide you with meaningful faculty-led, internship, volunteering, and other service-learning programs while maintaining cost effectiveness and a commitment to your safety.  
We are most invested in providing you with an international experience that increases global competence and provides a lifelong return on your investment.
TEP’s profound commitment to reciprocity empowers community changemakers socially and economically. Our approach is the epitome of fairness and equability.

Unconditional support

TEP’s streamlined processes for smooth management of its programs makes it painless for students, faculty, administrators, and professionals to make a positive impact in Belize.
TEP takes the worry out of the equation with timely program planning and related logistical support to ensure seamless implementation of service-learning projects, career oriented internships, volunteering placements, and experiential learning. 
Our team supports you before, during, and after your program ends.
We excel at designing and implementing customized immersive education abroad journeys that nurture community reciprocity and authentic cultural engagement with key partners and communities in Belize.
TEP has all your education abroad  
programming needs in one place.

We have the industry and local knowledge to provide you with a transformative study abroad experience in the country of Belize.
Toucan Education Abroad
Our internships, volunteering, and faculty-led programs are offered in a variety of academic disciplines and program models. Below are a few examples of the types of placements and projects available to you.

Community Development

TEP will match you with sustainable social and economic development initiatives, personalized to meet the needs of faculty, students, professionals, and our local communities. 
Sample Project: Micro-business development.


Join our commitment to protecting and preserving Belize’s diverse ecological systems through streamlined service-learning, internships, and volunteer placements in conservation. 
Sample Project: Educating communities about the importance of wildlife.

Global Health

TEP's global health programs are designed to promote patients and participants safety with the assistance of the GAPS Toolkit.
We collaborate with in-country health professionals, and key agencies providing health related services.
Sample Projects: Health education outreach and health clinics.


Pursue an inspiring international student teacher internship or volunteer placement in education that is personalized to meet your career interest. 
Faculty-led programs often contribute to the professional development needs of teachers and educators in our communities. 
Sample Projects: Elementary & high school placements, professional development for teachers.
Social Science
TEP's personalized study abroad programs in the social sciences are the perfect platform for Interns, volunteers, and faculty-led groups to empower local people and organizations in the developing world.
Sample Project: Social issues affecting at-risk youths.
TEP's education abroad established programs are ideal for faculty and administrators looking for short-term programs suitable for their students.

Our current offerings include service-learning programs for alternative spring breaks, Jan terms, Maymesters, experience abroad seminars, and summer, fall, and winter terms.
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