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Belize Partners

TEP is interested in establishing sustainable partnerships within our Belizean communities. We have a track record of collaborating with:
  • Educational Institutions
  • Belizean Businesses in all Sectors 
  • NGOs
  • Government Ministries and Departments
  • City and Town councils
  • Community Leaders, Women led groups, and Individuals
At TEP, we are committed to our mission to promote positive development in Belize.  

We wish to form an equally beneficial partnership with you and your organization. 

Our goal is to provide you with human capital and assist with capacity building within your organization using the powerful tool  of international education. 
Our quest to serve Belize is accomplished through philanthropy and well structured education abroad programming across academic disciplines. 

We can work collaboratively through all our programs.
TEP interns and volunteers can provide you with human capital while faculty and professionals can build capacity within your organization.

As a Belizean organization, there are several ways to work with us.
  1. Host an intern, volunteer, or service-learning participant
  2. Host a group of students, professionals, and or faculty to support your project
  3. Provide culturally immersive learning experiences that fosters intercultural learning and development
  4. Host a student in your home.

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