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Belize Overview

Belize has been on most people’s radar as a tourist destination for more than 30 years and as a result a well defined and vibrant tourism industry was established. Recently, there has been significant growth in the number of students and faculty traveling to Belize for education abroad programming
Here are five (5) reasons why Belize is so appealing to out-of-the box thinkers. 
  1. Location - Belize is approximately two hours from main hub cities: Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte North Carolina, and Miami.
  2. Cultural Diversity - Belize is often said to be about the same size as Massachusetts.  Although it’s population remains under half million, the country's rich cultural diversity is considered a hallmark in the region.
  3. Language - The national language is English, which minimizes the language barriers while exposing students to Spanish and native languages such as Mayan, Kriol, and Garifuna.
  4. Experiential Learning - The country’s topography is diverse as the Belizean people. The entire country is a living laboratory for experiential and service-learning programming. 
  5. Developing Country Experience - Belize is the ideal non-traditional destination for faculty and students who are interested in a developing country experience. Belize is relatively safe in comparison to other countries in Central and South America. She is home to the largest United States Embassy in Latin America and host many consulates including United Kingdom and Canada.
This young developing nation is perfect for short-term study abroad programming with a focus on conservation, community development, education, social science, global health, service-learning, economic development, and a variety of other program models and disciplines. 

Emergency and Risk Management  

Health and Safety
There are inherent risks in every overseas travel and as a participant, you play an role in your overall safety and wellbeing.

We have an obligation to design education abroad programming that applies responsible health and safety practices that mitigates risks while effectively responding and managing emergencies as they arise.  

At TEP, your safety is first and foremost to us. Our statement on safety and security reflects our commitment to you and your family.
Statement on Safety and Security
  1. We will equip you with pre-departure and on-site tools that will inform and familiarize you with your surroundings.  
  2. Our team maintains close contact with you through well-structured and tested communication protocols.
  3. Our team is dedicated, trained, and experienced in addressing health and safety concerns. We are available to you 24 hours each day, 7 days per week.
  4. We specifically tailor your health, safety, and security measures for each location reflecting current on-the-ground situations.
  5. Our multi-prong approach to mitigating risks include advisories from international governments and embassies.
  6. We consult in-country government intuitions and share up-to-date information related to health, safety, and security as this information is shared with the general public.

Assessing Risks

Assessing risks for education abroad programming can be complex and requires us to go beyond the normal checklist of the obvious such as procuring adequate travel insurance.

TEP maintains a readiness to respond and manage a variety of crisis if they occur.

Our proactive approach motivates us to assess risks throughout the program design process and during on-site program activities.

TEP risk assessment objectives are straightforward and provides you with the following benefits...
  • Programming that confirms to the Forum’s Standards of Good Practice, Standard 8.
  • TEP maintains clear protocols for assessing risks and managing emergencies.
  • Health and safety guidelines are shared with you prior to your arrival to nurture dialogue to address questions and concerns.
  • We respond and manage all medical, mental health, and legal matters using NAFSA’s Good Practices for Health and Safety guidelines.

Parents & Families

TEP recognize that parents and families are often a critical component of the decision making process to study abroad from many participants.

As a parent or family member, we welcome your involvement and accomplish this with our open door policy.

We aim to remain engaged with you at each stage of your student international experience (recruiting, application and admission, during programming, and re-entry).

Our communication with you is conducted within education abroad legal and ethical guidelines.

We value you as an equal partner since we are both invested in the overall success of your student’s time abroad.

Let’s build a trustworthy relationship today by arranging a time to chat with our team. Schedule your meeting as soon as your student talks to you about our programs.
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