We are excited that you are exploring Toucan Education Programs for your study abroad experience.  
Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of students like you through our customized faculty-led, internships, and volunteering programs.  
We are motivated by our mission to connect you to meaningful projects that directly benefit the people and country of Belize.  Our programs are well structured, provides appropriate support, while exposing you to the cultures and environments that makes our country unique.


TEP’s Intern in Belize program is the right choice if you are a student looking for a well-structured, impactful internship program in Belize. 

The entire experience is personalized to enhance your career and personal growth in your chosen academic field. We make it painless to connect to meaningful projects that are responsive to the immediate needs of our communities. 

Our promise to you...
  1. Placement that makes a difference
  2. Academic rigor coupled with personal time for exploring
  3. High quality individual care and support
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Enriching experience that I will remember for a lifetime!
“My experience in Belize was great. The program offered cultural experiences, excursions. It was well organized and I always felt safe. This was my first time abroad and I had a great experience and will definitely come back to Belize to visit or maybe even do some mission work within the country.”

Submitted by Leah W. | June 30, 2012

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Are you a professional, student, or social minded organization looking for a life-changing volunteering opportunity in Belize? If your answer is yes, then the Volunteer in Belize program is the right choice for you. 

Our promise to you: 
  1. Meaningful projects that are community driven
  2. Adequate time for volunteering and exploring
  3. High quality individual care and support
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The best of Belize was mine!
“Beyond my wildest dreams was I taken care of. I had so many diverse and rich experiences of mixed local and Central American culture, languages, cuisine, music, both of a casual sort and facilitated like by speakers with slideshows and hands-on making of Chocolate and drumming.”

Submitted by Rebecca Titus, RN | July 29, 2016

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Program Terms

Students or professionals may enroll for the intern and volunteer in Belize programs during the spring, summer, and fall terms.

A Typical Week

The Intern and Volunteer in Belize programs will keep you busy. 

We want you to learn and experience as much of Belize through the eyes of your projects and built-in cultural learning co-curricular and extracurricular activities . 

What to expect?
  1. Work week with a minimum of thirty (30) hours
  2. Two (2) cultural learning field trips
  3. Assignments related to career and intercultural development
  4. One to two free weekends to explore on your own

Information For Parents

TEP recognizes the integral role parents play in their students decision to study abroad and in selecting a program
Our promise to you:
  • We will equip your student with tools that promote health and safety, while mitigating risks.
  • We are dedicated to your student’s success abroad.
  • You will have 24/7 access to our team prior and during the program.
  • We strive for high quality standards in our programs and set high expectations for your student.
  • Program fees are comprehensive and cost effective.
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Cancer Research
"Amazing experience all around. I had a great time. I will never forget my time in Belize. I will definitely come back. I would recommend this program to others. TEP staff and the people of Belize have been so kind to me."

Submitted by Shane | Duke University

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