The Good We Do

The Good We Do


We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.

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TEP provided a tuition scholarship for Jessica four years ago when she started high school.  After graduation, she requested tuition support to attend two years of community college.  

Jessica is the first to graduate from high school for her family. We cannot wait to join her family on that proud day when she receives her associate's degree in Tourism. 
This is Jessica’s story.

Hi, I am 17 years old and in my second semester at Sacred Heart Junior College. Thanks to the TEP scholarship, I have the privilege of studying Tourism Management and an opportunity of a career in Belize’s tourism industry.  This scholarship is the tool I needed to obtain most of my goals in life. I am learning a lot about being successful in tourism and being an active member on our soccer team. 

I thank God for the opportunity to continue my studies. I will put all my best efforts to do well in my studies so that my family, friends, and TEP can be proud of me. 

I am very thankful for this big opportunity and for having faith in me.


Commitment to community reciprocity was key to identifying Yohanna for TEP’s high school scholarship in 2016. 

We partnered with her elementary school for various service-learning projects over the years and wanted our partner school to benefit far beyond the projects completed by faculty-led and and students programming.  

This meant the deserving student selection was made by the school principal. Yohanna's scholarship extends beyond tuition and include text books, uniforms, and basic school supplies. Here is Johanna’s story.

My name is Yohanna, I live near the western border between Guatemala and Belize. My family consists of my mom, dad, two brothers, and me. 

Although our family is small, we help each other in everything. I am passionate about playing soccer, it is my favorite sport. My favorite color is red, and I love to sing, read books, and write poems invented by my own words. I am not much of a talker, I am really shy. I am thankful to TEP for helping me to achieve my high school studies.  

I also acknowledge God and give thanks to him. I promise to work and study hard. I really want to be someone in life. 

I want to achieve my studies and my goals in life and TEP is helping me to do this.

Reciprocity Commitment

TEP strong organizational foundation places reciprocity as a core value of TEP’s education abroad program model. We accomplish this value through:
1. A blend of established volunteer, intern, and study abroad programming
2. Faculty-led programming
3. Philanthropy within the community (high school scholarships for Belizean students).
4. Scholarships and grants for TEP students.
5. Programming which conforms to the Forum’s Standards of Good Practice 5th edition (2015).

We believe in sustainable community partnerships and nurture these unique relationships through long term service to individuals and organizations who hosts our participants. TEP’s Statement of Ethics is the hallmark of our commitment to partnering institutions and Belizean communities.

Donors and Supporters

The Marilyn McElwain Scholarship Fund 
TEP’s current philanthropic work is only made possible through the revenue generated from its short-term programming.
As a young mission driven organization, we aim to expand the good we do for students and communities but urgently need additional funds to do so.
This initiative coupled with the death of a dear friend and supporter created the perfect storm that inspired us to establishThe Marilyn McElwain Scholarship Fund.
Marilyn Lee McElwain tremendously loved teaching art to her students at The University of Indianapolis and equally loved serving others. Through her love for teaching art and service-learning, she designed and launched her unique interdisciplinary short-term education abroad program to Belize.
Rhondine, TEP's founder, met Marilyn during her first international service-learning trip to Belize. It is unimaginable to quantify the love Marilyn felt for the people and country of Belize. Over the years, a relationship grew between Marilyn and Rhondine. This solid friendship grew from mutual respect and love of service to others.
After receiving news of Marilyn’s death, TEP made a decision to honor her with a scholarship fund in her name. This is our way of keeping her love of service to others and the people of Belize alive.The Marilyn McElwain Scholarship Fundwas launched with much enthusiasm and excitement

All donations made to theMarilyn McElwain Scholarship Fundwill be used to fundScholarshipsandGrantsfor students studying abroad in Belize and Belizean students from low income families who are unable to access a high school education. High school scholarships for Belizean students may extend to cover 2 years of community college tuition. This depends on funds available.

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